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Web Development

As a Web Development Company in India, we take care of all web development’s needs. We provide customized web development solution across the globe to satisfy our customers. We use rich and presenting skills to create an advanced web page. We are adapted to build a customizable web page and develop a website that uses the latest technologies. We produce fully functional, highly dynamic & interactive web solutions.

Web Development Expertise

Web Development Expertise

Web Portal

Social Networking
Site Development

Online Booking &
Accommodation Portals

Travel Portal

Online Marketplace
Development & Auctions

Small Services
Platform Development

Open Source


Content Management
Systems (CMS)

Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)

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Technologies we use


MVC (Model-View-

PHP (Hypertext

WPF (Windows
Presentation Foundation)

WCF (Windows
Communication Foundation)

Why build Custom Web Development is beneficial?

Custom Web Development helps to break away your ordinary looking website to a unique custom-developed site. It does not rely on templates, plugins or found code. Instead, we allow users to build the customized, user-friendly, stable and reliable website.

A site you purchase from market might cost you quite more than a customization one.

The custom built website is flexible and easy to understand for the first time user

It reduces the cost and minimize the risk of Investment

Customer can extend it in a more easy way

It helps in improving customer experience

User can gain an extra skillset

Web Development Services

Web Development

Web Development Services evaluate the human and infrastructure elements to develop the best fit for your organization. We provide sophisticated and high-end solutions which are innovative & profitable to use. Check below, our services.


API is a valuable tool that is reliable to interaction, database, and computer hardware. We understand the need and requirements of our clients.


Web Portal development serves the multi-dimensional operation along with knowledge and expertise at different levels.


Application Development helps enterprises to build a sophisticated business application that is robust, scalable and extensive.

Website Enhancement
or Maintenance

Web Maintenance services grow and extract the best from existing applications. Web Maintenance modifies the application across a wide range of platforms.


Application Migration is a process which can shift an application from one environment to another. We enhance operational efficiencies and offer technical support to the users.

Custom web

Custom Web Programming mainly focus on re-usability with following the structure and manage requirement. We strongly focus on quality and use global delivery model.

Management System

CMS has been providing in-depth customized infrastructure solution across all the Industry. It ensures organization to be agile and responsive to changing IT needs.

How do we work?

Fraction Tech offers clients plenty of opportunities to provide feedback and direction whenever they are in need. We have built a better way of doing things in an innovative style using our methodology. With the help of our website development phrases, we understand your business goals and serve you appropriately.

Web Development

Phase 1 : Project Analysis

Phase 1 : Project Analysis

In this stage, we collect information from the client and, understand its development requirements completely. We make sure to know the primary purpose of the website and more. Our competitor analyzer identifies the strength and weakness of services before starting the work. Market Survey is prepared and a short summary finalized for further step.

Phase 2 : Design

Phase 2 : Design

We design a blueprint or template for your website structure, layout, functionality, and other backend systems. Your site takes shape at this stage, as our primary function is to represent information structure, visualize the content and demonstrate the basic functionality. Our Layouts includes colors, logos, images with showing the general understanding of the future product. Later, the customer reviews and send back the required feedback. This cycle repeats until you are fully satisfied with the layout.

Phase 3 : Development

Phase 3 : Development

In this stage, we finally start developing your website/Application. The graphic and design elements that was designed in previous stage will be used in creating an actual website. Usually, home page is created first and then all sub-pages are added according to the structure decided. Framework and CMS are implemented together to make sure the set-up works smoothly on the server. A very deep understanding is made for every web development phase.

Phase 4 : Testing

Phase 4 : Testing

After all development work is done we’ll move on to the testing phase as probably it’s most routine part of a process. Every single link, forms, scripts, spell-checking is tested perfectly to make sure there is no broken links and find possible typos. To follow current web standard various validators, business logic, consistency, user-friendliness and robustness is been checked thoroughly. Later, the website is uploaded on the server to check the loading time and capability to handle it. Once the bugs are fixed, it passes through final testing and ready for actual usage.

Our Agile Development

Here, we are using the agile methods which can break tasks into small increments with minimal planning. Our each iteration involves a team, which works through a full software development cycle. We minimize the overall risks and allow the project to adapt changes quickly. Check out our work methodology which is designed to help you to get maximum advantage of the internet technologies.

Web Development

Agile Services help you to identify and adopt the correct Agile Approach which ensures you to deal with the business plan. We mix the blend of Agile and transform them to develop software. Agile comes with several benefits such as Quick returns, early and frequent delivery, flexibility and predictable delivery schedule.

Agile Services and its key features

Continuous and integrated collaboration

High transparency and customized Agile tools

Flexible team with people working from multiple locations

We offer ability to access tools which are related to agile management

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Web Development

Fraction Tech provides unique web development services with the best user interface. We build your website that impresses your customers and makes you stand out from the competition. We develop design concepts which meet your expectations and fits within your budget.

Best Strategies

Best Package

High-quality level

Best communication facilities

Best human resources

Best infrastructure

No end-time surprises

Timely delivery

Industry ready solution

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We are passionate about the work we do. We provide the services that are important for your businesses. We give you a solution which works precisely for you. We win if you win.

We are looking forward to giving you with excellent service.

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