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Values at Fraction Tech

Customer Satisfaction

It becomes harder and important in the tough times to keep our customer happy. We believe that customer satisfaction means a loyalty towards the organisation. The satisfied customers will help in bringing the new customers by the word of mouth.

Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Management

We share Effective and sustainable knowledge transferred. The most successful transfer efforts actively involve both the source of the knowledge and its receiver.

Employee Satisfaction

We measure the most important factors which drive the employee engagement and performance. Relationship with immediate supervisor, opportunities to use skills and autonomy are the top drivers for employee satisfaction and engagement.


Employees and organisation have similar beliefs so they complement each other and work as a team. We create a better idea through creative competition, with consuming less time and working together.


We promise to present you the best all time. We hold the positive attitude towards the profession and attain a high level of professionalism.

Equal opportunity employer without compromise

We ensure diversity in employment where we make diversity as one of our principles for hiring and build a hiring strategy. We give equal opportunities with different issues to the employer to brainstorm with the diverse workforce.

Commitment to excellence and quality

We deliver the world-class solutions on time. As productivity is never an accident it is a result of commitment. We design from excellence intelligent planning to focus effort.

Diversity and Integrity

We encourage a culture of honesty, trust and respect. We show an honest approach and a natural respect for the needs and differences of others.

Employee empowerment for innovation

We deliver creative and innovative solutions. We lead to a greater job satisfaction, motivations, increased productivity and reduce the costs. We coach skilled employee who is lacking in experience or motivation.


We know that Timeliness help in fulfilling needs at the right moment with the proper use of resources. We work within the proper time frame not too early and not too late when it is needed.