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Mobile Development

Mobile phone usage is rising exponentially every year and arrivals of the smart phones have completely transformed this industry. Increase in mobile adoption is enabling new ways of interaction with your people, customers and partners. In order to respond to this change in a holistic way, you need to address information security, compliance, scalability, compatibility, distribution, performance and monitoring. Today, the mobile device market is very versatile and volatile. Device manufacturers are continuously innovating and changing the standards for apps and accelerating the roll-outs of new platforms and experience rapidly.

Mobile App Development Services


App Development


App Development

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App Development


App Development


  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Application Customization
  • Mobile application testing
  • Innovative dashboard apps
  • Mobile Mobile Website Development
  • Mobile Web Service Integration
  • Mobile Social Media Integration

Mobile App Development

The number of mobile users is increasing day by day. Mobile applications are the best medium to reach target customers faster to generate extra sales. Mobile applications provide an excellent opportunity for companies to promote their products and services effectively. Elevate your company brand to the next level with the mobile presence.

Our professional Mobile app development team has sound experience of building native iPhone, Android, Wondows and cross platform applications of high quality and incredible app development.

Fraction Tech can find a set of feasible and logical solutions based on your ideas, thought process or business development needs. Our team of mobile app developers carries out the process of iPhone/Android/Wondows application programming right from scratch by close and regular interaction with the clients.

Mobile development use cases

  • Revenue generating apps for start-ups
  • Interactive content and information distribution within an organization
  • On-demand and real-time data access
  • Innovative dashboard apps
  • Social networking mobile apps
  • Access enterprise system through mobile
  • Location and GPS based applications
  • Enhanced user experience design

Why Do I Want One

  • A customized mobile app design helps you directly push your message to the target customer.
  • You can combine functionality with entertainment - users can actually enjoy using a well-developed customized mobile application.
  • Allows you to attract new customers and a highly interactive mobile app design will lead to better brand recognition.
  • Your products and services can be made more accessible with tailor made mobile application development solution.