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Technology Used

  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Nodejs
  • Reactjs
  • Redux

The Client

To provide firms with the best in class solution for mobile call, SMS, email and chat recording.

So we come up with the Venncomm which can provide them secure and easy medium to communicate with various features.

Business Impact / Key Results Achieved

Fraction tech had successfully accomplished the project and meet with all expectation of the client. Venncomm had provided the secure and unique platform to users for getting ease in communicating. Right now, the project is working very well, and many users are been part of this.

Business Challenges

Previously if company is having the great strength with the employees, then to have an easy communication with them was a challenging task. It was really difficult to manage the communication with the employees by their personal devices. The ownership of the data shared by the employees.

In chat communication there was a big question on security, due to the confidential data which was not maintained properly.


Where there is distinctiveness, there are obstacles on the way to success. Fraction Tech’s developers also had to face many challenges to overcome these obstacles and came up with the solution named Venncomm.

Venncomm came up with the integrated solution of the communication problems as well as with the security concern. Venncomm keeps the confidential information secure and safe.

This application provides secure platform to communicate with enterprises, team and with individuals too. This application used to provides various faculties to make a call like Schedule calls, make group calls, calendar invites, call recording , chat and many more. Along with this, company can also manage the call communication of its employees and also provide the facility of securing the privacy of the caller.

Few functionalities are provided below to get an over view of the Venncom application

You can able to schedule the one to one call and group call also.

Scheduled calls will robotically get diarized into your calendar.

Real-time voice recording facilities will be provided.

It will enable employees to stop mis-use of consumer-facing chat brands with the help of its in-built chat and chat-capture capabilities.

It will also make sure that in automated recording for all work related users employees can’t set self-defines exemption constraints.

During the call it also facilitates to switch or to add chat options. And in application playback features is also provided.

It provides you a Global Address Book (work contacts) plus synchronisation with outlook work calendars and call scheduling

Company (versus) individual ownership of the app business number and related data.

Carrier neutral with lowest-cost global routing guaranteed and no data connection required for calls. (Plus itemized, centralized billing).

It will provide you the secure storage options like cloud hosting or client’s internal data systems

Venncomm is user friendly, intuitive interface, enhances productivity and ensures rapid assimilation. If we need to say best about this app is to manage UI with automatic call recording by providing the departmental level access. It is compatible with BYOD and prevents the data leakage with the help of VAULT. It also provides the enterprise level security with Blackberry MDM.

Result / Dashboard

Hardworking and dedication always gives fruitful results. The application build by Fraction tech turns out to be a huge success and also reduced efforts to connect with the employee and helped firm to focus on other important works.