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Technology Used

  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Nodejs
  • Reactjs
  • Redux

The Client

Client was facing great difficulties in search for mineral bases land which is for sale. And even if he got success in finding the land it was painstaking and challenging for him to collect all the necessary details like past sale and many more.

For the mobile application the objective of the project is very clear. The client wanted to build best online property display application available over the internet.

Business Impact / Key Results Achieved

Fraction tech successfully completed the project and met all expectation of the client for this application. It showcases the properties, Highlight property details features and surrounding local amenities.

Business Challenges

It is very time consuming to search for mineral based land for sale and is also difficult to look for the past sale mineral land. So our client wanted a simple and easy to use mobile application from where he can be able to view all mineral land sales with a single click.


Fraction Tech came up with a very simple solution where it shows all the past and future sales record with a single click.

User can also view sales based on the selected country and also select calendar feature to view the sales of the specific time duration.

Red and green dots in the calendar menu is used to describe past and upcoming sales of that month.

Result / Dashboard

Fraction Tech team developed a solution that is Fast, easy in use and requires less memory consumption mobile application that meet all the client requirements in less than one minute and offers a very viable solution.