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All you need to know about Big Data

By: Fraction Tech


Big Data is a buzzword which works on the platform of large data volume and aggregated data sets. The data sets can be structured or unstructured.  The data that is kept and stored at a global level keeps on growing so this big data has a big potential.  Your Big Data is generated from every little thing around us all the time. It has changed its way as the people are changing in the organization. New skills are being offered to prepare the new generated power of Big Data. Nowadays the organizations are focusing on new roles, new challenges and creating a new business.  

There are several challenges which come on the way where you need to take care of to gain the Big Data.

  • You have to discover the new role of Data Scientist
  • Just be proactive about your privacy, security and governance
  • Creating a new business system with adding Big Data

Why is Big Data So important?


Big Data will determine the root cause of your failure in the real time. It would take care of customer’s buying habits and generate coupons for them at a time of sale. You can take your data from any sources and can do analyse to find out cost reductions, time reductions, optimized offering and also smart decision making. 


Who uses the Big Data?


Practically, Big Data are used by many organizations and it comes with all sought of benefits in industry. It is used in the following organizations…


  • Banking: Banks are finding one or the other way to find the new and innovative ways in managing the big data.
  • Education: Education is very important as it can be used in storing the big data of students and plays a very important role in school systems.
  • Government:  the government will apply this strategy in agencies, in preventing crime and in managing utilities. 
  • HealthCare: In keeping the records with prescription information.  It satisfies the industry regulations as health care needs to be done accurately.
  • Manufacturing:  Manufacturer can boost the quality and output with minimizing the waste they are storing the details of employees along with analytics based data. 
  • Retail: The Relationship between the customer and Retailer is that it can manage it with using the big data.

How to manage Big Data?


  • There are many ways to manage your big data but one way is to handle them by shrinking them. Simply you need to identify the data set and preserve them in the small subset format.  The main goal of the big data management is to ensure the high quality at an extreme high level.
  • Managing your effective big data will helps in combining the valuable information in large sets with an unstructured data. The semi-structured or unstructured data includes records of call details, system logs and social sites data. The primary way to support the big data is to support the organisation and make the proper decisions. There are many effects which are based on Product development, Market development, operational efficiency and market demand predictions. 
  • Every organisations need to have a proper insight into the performance to handle the data in easy way as there are greater risk in managing the big data and in accessing them in easy and faster way. 

Where will Big Data make an impact on?


  • Big Data can unlock the significant value of it and make your data transparent. As data written on paper are not easily accessible so it’s better to boost your performance and expose the variability to make a better management decisions.
  • Big Data would allow the narrow segmentation of customer.
  • It is useful in developing the next generation products and services. 
  • Big Data helps in enable the companies to collect better market and customer intelligence
  • It has revolutionized old school Industries

List some of the Big Data Future trends

  • Analysis in the Cloud with the help of big data
  • Hadoop the new version of data operating system
  • Combination of big data and analysts will explore the new behaviour of data
  • SQL on Hadoop will make it easy , faster and better

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