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Responsive Webdesign

Responsive Web Design (RWD) works on the web design approach. Content flows just like water which is the best illustration the principle of Responsive Web Design. People are switching to multiple screens to browse the internet. So, to target these people we need to have a portal that is in optimized form. Responsive Websites have single URL and HTML code to work according to the screen resolution. There is a possibility to hide certain items such as background images or any secondary content on smaller screens. While Responsive design provides a page elements reshuffle as a viewport grows or shrinks. Responsive web design mainly focuses on content, performance, adaptive design and in creating the user experience based web designs.

Why every website should use responsive design?

'To increase mobile usage'

Increased Mobile Usage

As 55% of the people are mobile devices visitors

20% of google searches are done on mobile devices

25% of emails are accessed through mobile

10% from tablets

'As User Experience is positive'

User Experience is positive

There are chances that 79% will leave your website immediately and move with another website

If UX is positive than there are 66% of more chances to buy the product or services

'Responsive adapts future devices'

Responsive adapts future devices

72% of the US digital represents mobile advertising by 2019

180% will be seen in email mobile access in next three years

10 Benefits of responsive design?

Mobile usage is on the rise
Responsive design is preferred for SEO
Shopping on mobile devices is steadily growing
Social Media increases mobile visitors
Responsive Designs adapt to multiple devices sizes
A single SEO campaign
One site is easier to manage and increase R.O.I.
Increased Sales
A speedy responsive website is key
Excellent user experience

Smart Responsive Investment

Redesigning your website might seems like an unnecessary cost, but with responsive design, it will pay for itself and customer satisfaction.

A Responsive Website keeps the customers engaged

Easy to manage & effortless track performance

Best ideas to invest into responsive design

Minimizes effort & save time & money

Offers better Users experience

The Smart Responsive Investment

Responsive designs - Technical details

As a technical medium, we as a RWD requires a working knowledge of code and use CSS3 media queries, fluid proportion grids and flexible images to create a visual experience with the same screen sizes. We as a company make a cutting edge websites that fit all machines by adjusting resolution, size and scripting.

Media Queries are the technical heart of the responsive Web Design

Most traditional websites fall apart on smaller screens

They are responsive ones which adjust text, graphics and other element

It can compress resource for the faster load times

Minification is used as it minimize those spaces that uses extra bytes

Responsive Website Process

FractionTech - Expert Responsive Designers

FractionTech is an active web service and is counted one among the best responsive design company in India. With using our diverse and expertise experience we understand our customer’s requirements and make futuristic websites. We handcraft dynamic and outstanding user experiences with using latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 as well as small responsive design techniques. We optimize your web presence to look great, load speedily and provide easy user-friendly features and functions.

Our Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process
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