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Technology Used

  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Nodejs
  • Reactjs
  • Redux

The Client

This client used to believe that setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible, and the goal without planning is a daydream. So he came up with an idea to build a mobile application which can track the progress to achieve the goal by monitoring the activities.

Business Impact / Key Results Achieved

We felt that Success is the progressive realization with the hard work and dedication.By this passion Progressive Graph application created a great impact and turns out with a huge success.

Business Challenges

Our client came up with the unique requirement of developing a mobile application that can track daily goals and activities and help users to plan and visualize important things in their daily life.

It can fulfill many necessity in everyday activity such as making quick notes, creating life journey, plan and visualize important mile stones and creating scrap book and photo album.


In order to maintain the uniqueness of the idea and developing an innovative yet creative solution that motivates users to achieve their objectives. Fraction Tech came up with the idea of developing Progress graph that includes many different themes fulfilling different necessities. Based on the different requirements this includes different features as:


This feature will allow you to create personalized notes where you can add headings, sub headings and images.

Life journey/Career growth:

You can enter this event by simply adding date, texts and image and select “Career growth” theme that lets you visualize it as a bigger picture where one can envision future career path to plan necessary actions to achieve targeted milestones.

Baby Book/Album:

You can keep the storage of every single step that your baby takes. This app allows you to add multiple image, playing it on a big screen, add music and also add much details to make their growth memorable.

Timeline Photo/Picture album:

These simple features will let you organize your entire album at one place. Where you can create community gathering, picnic, party photo album and also download them whenever required.Companies can assign their employees as a consultant to the recruiters to perform all the tasks on the behalf of the company.

New Year resolution:

This app makes it easy for you. Do you still find trouble working on your New Year resolutions? Now you can create, edit, your New Year resolution and through daily effort can remain focused to achieve your resolution.

Result / Dashboard

Fraction Tech came up with the amazing solution as progress graph that come with lots of themes to create notes, albums, life goals, life journey etc. It is one of the effective ways to monitor your growth and also remains 100% in your phone thus leverage you complete security of all your data.