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Technology Used

  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Nodejs
  • Reactjs
  • Redux

The Client

Our client once looking to book a hotel in Saudi Arabia and he realise that the entire process took his hours of time to book just on hotel. So he decided to build a platform where to book a hotel becomes comfortable and easy with affordable rates.

Business Impact / Key Results Achieved

This online hotel booking platform has eliminated the gap between users and hosts by connecting them with mobile applications.

Our developed platform has automated the entire manual process of booking villas, hotels, and camps. With just a few clicks, both users and hosts can connect with each other and communicate regarding the bookings.

Business Challenges

Hotel manager can list all of their property from hotels, resorts to apartment chain. Seller will sell the reference of the hotel on commission basis or he can also list hotels, Apartment chain and resort. Customer is allowed to book, discover and find the ideal hotel based on their requirements.


Fraction tech came up with the “” solution that is immensely useful and efficient that includes following features.


It includes facilities such as room availability, hotel facilities (Food, drink, event, internet etc.), cancellation policy, photos, Reviews, last minute deal, minimum stay, early booking discounts etc.

It provides Sorting of the hotels on the basis of the recommended, stars and price.

Group booking

Group booking type includes family reunions, sports team, meetings, weddings, tours, school trips, corporate and organization discounts.

This will work in four steps:

1. Request for the quotation through
2. will send quotation to all the website meeting the requirements.
3. You’ll get response from hotels meeting your requirements.
4. Compare the prices of hotels and choose the best available result based on your requirements.

Affiliate Partner Program

Affiliate partner program allows anyone to partner with to earn the best commission value.

Reward Points

It also supports reward points by booking, Sharing, Reviewing and many participating ways in

Agency and Agent Details

This includes the details of the sellers like Name, Location, Price, Commission, and Number of property.

Booking Management System

Room’s availability, notifications, payment gateway integration, various amenities, booking cancellation, group booking, booking through affiliate link, discounts, etc.

Result / Dashboard

Fraction Tech offered a solution that is benefited client with the viable centralized platform to manage hotel information, content creator, sellers and consumers information. Ease of handling all type of bookings such as family reunions, sports team, school trip, meetings, wedding and tours. Using this portal anyone could easily start earning through the affiliate partner program.