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Technology Used

  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Nodejs
  • Reactjs
  • Redux

The Client

Our client found there is lot of stress with hotel booking, accommodation, security Service. So he came up with business idea to build the system which facilities all the services at one place with just a distance of one click.

Business Impact / Key Results Achieved

This application inspired many to find new people, socialize better and easy by creating a larger network without any stress regarding the booking, reservations and accommodation. This used to provide online platform for Travellers which can provide various functionalities.

Business Challenges

Hotel ecommerce is growing rapidly nowadays and to take benefits of this opportunity our client came up with the idea to develop all in one hotel management system which combines the latest and the most convenient techniques and technology to reduce the difficulty of handling multiple tasks.

Key challenges faced during development :

- A desktop based hotel management system that is customizable, innovative and capable of catering the hotel needs

- Third party API integration

- Executing different filtrations and sorting criteria

- Managing and maintaining the updates of the different functionalities such as room availability, guest management and amenities management.


Fraction Tech came up with the solution of EIHMS-Hotel management system which is immensely useful and efficient:

Booking management system

Managing booking features as new entry, booking number, booking cancellation, payment, booking summery, Check-in/check-out dates, etc.

Maintaining list of bookings, notifications, alerts of reminders, group booking etc.


Consideration of functionality like date, room, persons, availability etc.

Availability of amenities like restaurant, fitness centers, air-conditioner, parking etc.

Customized web reservation

When any room reservation is made online it is updates to the room inventory and the change reflect in the system data and availability.


It holds all the data of the hotelier safe and secure.

Auto data backup

This system comes with the auto update functions that help to keep the system up to date.

System nodes are automatically updated if the system is running on server using its latest version.

Implementation of powerful online strategy

It allows you to sell on your website using multiple channels without any complexity.

One can have multiple distributors and update them through a single centralized platform.

Increase occupancy

This system can identify room availability by using centralized inventory and sell them to the other property on the global market.

Customized design

The design comes with so many features with which user could be able to simplify the process according to client’s requirements.

Result / Dashboard

Fraction tech offered a very beneficial solution to the client which is viable centralized platform for all the hotel management activities such as manage hotel information, manage users and security. Using this system various hotels can easily synchronize their hotel information and could provide access to all the information and support online integration of the hotel booking that directly reflects into the system database. Ease of handling all the hotel information, amenities, users and rooms.