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Technology Used

  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Nodejs
  • Reactjs
  • Redux

The Client

Client was already having the business of hotel booking but to convert the lead into the customer, checking the daily activities, track of all the documented records was very lengthy and time consuming process. Due to that he was also not able to maintain perfect track of his profit margins.

To overcome with this issue we come up with CRM solution.

Business Impact / Key Results Achieved

The CRM solution has reduced the effort and time by managing all of the management tasks. Due to this the efficiency and accurate is increased with extreme level.

Business Challenges

The challenge was to develop a web based solution incorporating all the features along with customizable forms for a single system performing all the management activities.


Fraction tech came up with the client based CRM solution that stands as an ideal cloud based management system performing all the necessary tasks related to the management and thus, turns the manual work into half.

Admin can prioritize, add, and assign the leads also can provide privilege and roles to the employees to perform specific tasks.

Employees can search for the specific lead in the system directly by adding name in the search box or by the lead status.

Employee or an admin can create a business account the prospect that shows interest in the business can be added to the accounts (where they can create the company profile of the prospect) and are added to the opportunity if the deal is about to be done.

Employees can directly send email through their CRM account and can also check daily activities, task summaries and achievements through the system.

They can also set the reminder of any upcoming actions to be performed.

CRM system keep the track all the work records of the employees like email, notes, documents, calls, tasks, leads, SMS etc.

Employee could be able to view and change the status of the leads based on the current working process.

Result / Dashboard

Client is successfully using the CRM system for their management tasks such as leads management, employee management, email marketing, activities organization etc. It has helped client in the following way.

Work scheduling and monitoring has been much easier then manual processes.

Time tracking of the various users is effectively tracked.

Workflow management through the status of the ongoing or completed tasks helps the users to keep track of all the updates.

Tasks related documents and notes provide all the information of the specific tasks.

Statistics can show detailed progress and completed tasks about the employee.