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Business Inqubator

Technology Used

  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Nodejs
  • Reactjs
  • Redux

The Client

The client is seeking to develop a web based application were everybody can share their innovative ideas to the one who is eager to carry forward that, into the shape of reality.

Business Impact / Key Results Achieved

Fraction tech has fulfilled all the expectation of client by providing a Morden and elegant looking web based application. You can say today this one platform has transformed several ideas into the reality.

Business Challenges

Client was a renowned business person amongst their country and were looking for the solution that create thousands of opportunity amongst others as well. He came up with the solution to develop a web based application were most of the person with creative thoughts can share their ideas amongst other persons who look forward to new ideas for creating their business. Along with providing all the necessary backend support.


Fraction tech came up with the amazing solution as a “Business Incubator” where great idea owners can earn by posting their ideas on the platform.

Business incubator full featured ideas sharing platform where people can post their business ideas with the complete business analysis which helps people get the ideas easily along with considering its market analysis to achieve great heights in less time.

So it is all in one website for the idea owners to make real money selling their job ideas through the affiliate program.

This website provides startup ideas considering all the businesses in mind taking from beauty and care to big machineries manufacturing it have them all covered.

It facilitate user by sorting search categories such as Budget, keyword, business etc.

Result / Dashboard

Fraction Tech came up with a platform dedicated to the serious entrepreneurs, that open ups the latest world class opportunity for the new business owners along with providing earning opportunity to the idea owners.

Business incubator is a simple, easy to use and navigate web system offers their users to create endless ideas along with the full analysis of the project.

It offers dynamic data results to the users based on the selected category.